Lyndl Kean

Miss Earth Australia - Model - Presenter


About Lyndl Kean

Lyndl grew up in Wollongong with three sisters, lots of pets and was always very outdoorsy. 

In her late teens she began modelling and moved to Sydney to pursue her career and passion. 

She has travelled a lot and worked in a few different countries such as China, Italy, The U.S.A. and Sri Lanka. Lyndl is always on the hunt for a new challenge.


A couple of years ago Lyndl took an interest in beauty pageants as they gave women a platform to be involved in larger causes. When she ran for Miss World in 2015 she raised over $30k for Variety The Children's Charity and also regularly helped out with various charities feeding the homeless around Sydney.


In July 2016 Lyndl won the Miss Earth Australia title and is the current title holder until September 2017. 

Miss Earth is an environmental based beauty pageant, all contestants are given an opportunity to raise awareness and advocate for what they are passionate about. Lyndls advocacy is about the affects animal agriculture has on the environment and how it contributes to climate change. She is vegetarian and encourages people to eat less meat. The Miss Earth Australia title took her to The Phillipines to compete for a month and perform on the international stage. Lyndl placed top 16 out of 87 countries. 


When Lyndl was a child her favourite animal was monkeys and any kind of primate she was totally obsessed with. She spent her spare time researching them and soon discovered the issues facing the Orangutan species. Since the age of 11 she dreamed of volunteering in one of the Orangutan sanctuaries.

After wining Miss Earth she decided it was time and started to look for the right trip. Lyndl found The Orangutan Project online and sent them an email about herself. A few days later she met with them over lunch and was invited on the Bukit Tigapuluh Expedition.

Her goal was not just to visit and educate herself but to take some footage and document what is happening over there to raise awareness and educate as many people as she can to help save the beautiful species. 

Lyndl is now an official ambassador for The Orangutan Project. 

Lyndl spent almost two weeks in Indonesia on location at an orangutan reintroduction centre and jungle school which are facilities to help orphaned orang-utans survive in the wild.

Lyndl's hobbies and interests include hiking, trekking, camping, modelling, model mentoring, photography, Tai Kwon Do, gardening and running.

Lyndl is also currently involved with The Aussie Elite Group and The SDA Union who recently formed the Australian Modelling Industry Alliance (AMIA) who are working towards fair pay for models and rights.

You will often see Lyndl in the media as a spokesperson for AMIA, as an Ambassador for The Orangutan Project, social pages or campaigns from working as a model.